By Love's Hand

By Love's Hand

Fierce  Female Network And The We’73 Project

Vol 5 Apr 2024

Judalion777 – ‘Perspective’ By Sean Thurman

Emerging rap artist Judalion777 uses his formidable lyrics and storytelling to depict the journey from a tough life on the streets of Washington D.C. to a life of love and prosperity. Being completely raw and honest about the challenging origins of his story gives listeners an authentic look into his life and shows how you can use art as a path to a better existence. Judalion777’s music revolves around themes of redemption, resilience, and personal growth, proving that the only way to triumph over a difficult past is to look it dead in the eye and face it head on. Using all of his personal and artistic strength he pulled himself up toward a better future. Now with that past firmly behind him, Judalion777 uses his newfound position to help empower fellow artists and lead them down a more positive path to success and accomplishment.

On the single “Perspective” the rapper lyrically lays out these foundations over a classic instrumental. Cool jazzy guitar chords float on top of a hard thumping drumbeat while lush layers of synths fill in the sonic landscape. His voice is overflowing with purpose and integrity, preaching street poetry and philosophy with style. The overall message is a quest for unity and transcending the differences that drive us apart. In a world where we are driven to battle each other, Juda’s strive towards peace through empathy is a tall task but he understands the power of music and art will help ease those divides. He explores the ideas and undeniable truth shifting our perspectives can have an enormous effect on the way we relate to each other and the perception we have of our position in the world. Above all, it’s a catchy track with a dope beat that has a beautiful message. Judalion777 has learned from his experiences and is using those lessons to provide insight to guide future generations toward a better understanding. “Perspective” is just one single in a long line of tracks that make up Judalion777’s musical catalogue, all throughout he continues to use his art to push toward a better world for all of us.  You can listen to “Perspective” on our Prime Cuts Playlist and follow Judalion777 on the links below. Please continue to support acts like Judalion777 and share his music with everyone you know.

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