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By Love's Hand

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Vol 5 Apr 2024

Invest In Your Health By Exercising By Fierce Manson

When thinking of including exercise in your daily routine, you should know the long term benefits of exercising that will keep you fit and smart for years. Yes, you can say that everyone knows exercise is good for health but is that tangible enough to motivate and to get you in regular exercise, probably not. There are people who want immediate results but I suggest you think about the long term benefits to exercising. This is because if you are young now, you have more brain power and physical power but with the passage of time you will be getting older and both your physical and brain power will be decreasing. So, ensuring a fit and healthy future should be your ultimate target of exercising while short term and immediate benefits are also available. Let’s see what long term exercising benefits you can get from systematic and regular exercise.


Protection From Diseases

You can get affected by any disease at any age, but once you get older the chances of getting affected by various diseases increase to a high extent as older people are more susceptible to diseases. When women get older they become more susceptible to osteoporosis and regular exercise can be a very effective way to get rid of this. Remember, the earlier you will be starting exercising the more protection you will be getting in future. Long term exercise can also give you protection against heart disease, colon cancer and type 2 Diabetes.

Weight Control:

One of the most crucial factors for maintaining a healthy lifestyle is controlling weight effectively according to your body size and shape. With a regular and consistent routine of exercise you can easily maintain your weight. Your weight control exercise routine should include both strength training and aerobic components which will help you maintain an optimal body weight which is the prerequisite of a healthy life. Maintaining body weight from an early age has some lifelong exercising benefits.

Stronger Brain Power

One of the major benefits of exercisingis that it can improve your mental health and strength along with your physical fitness. Studies show that people who maintain a regular exercise routine from an early age are less likely to be affected by dementia as well as Alzheimer’s diseases. So, by participating in regular exercise you can reduce your risk of being affected by such diseases by 40 percent. If you didn’t start exercising in your early years, it’s high time you start exercising for both your physical and mental strength and fitness. Earlier you were asked to include aerobic components in your routine and doing so you can improve your memory effectively. Aerobic exercise improves the flow of blood to your brain and thus improves your memory and this has been proven in a research performed in 2007.

Some more physical benefits to exercising:

Reduces the chances of premature death

Reduces the number of sick days

Reduces symptoms of arthritis

Reduces cancer risk

Reduces osteoporosis risk

Reduces diabetes risk

Reduces the level of cholesterol

Reduces body fat

Reduces blood pressure

Benefits of Exercising

Till now we have discussed the physical benefits of exercisingand now it’s time to focus on the psychological benefits to exercising.Let’s see what psychological benefits you can get from regular exercise.

Increased Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence: Regular exercise makes you fit and allows you to go as you wish. Thus exercise makes you feel happy, secure and confident as well.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety: Stress and disappointment are common for all and the only solution to this issue is to change our way of response. Science has proved that exercise is a great way of relieving anxiety and stress. Neurochemicals are released in our brain and the process is stimulated by regular exercise which reduces the level of our anxiety and stress. Exercise also increases our ability to respond to stress and helps our psychological systems to run properly.

Increased Mental Alertness: One of the major exercising benefitsis it increases our mental alertness. According to the American Heart Association website, physically fit people are more likely to be mentally fit and alert and this is effective for both young and old people. Mental fitness increases our ability of learning and thus we can become smarter through consistent and regular exercise.

These are some key benefits of exercisingfrom both physical and psychological aspects. If you really care about a healthy lifestyle then there is no alternative to regular exercise and you must get used to it for a healthier future.

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