By Love's Hand

By Love's Hand

FierceĀ  Female Network And The We’73 Project

Vol 6 May 2024

DON’T QUIT THE QUEUE written by Cz Olayemi

There is nothing as stable in life as change. Whether we like it or not changes occur on daily basis. Thus says the lord “it will soon be your turn for the change from all unpleasant situations” therefore don’t quit. Beloved as long as you will remain on the lord’s queue and you will not quit , your time will surely come.

There is no doubt that your change will come , he only expects you to remain in queue until the change comes. In John 11 Jesus was told Lazarus was sick . The bible says Jesus stayed two extra days where he was before he left to see Lazarus.

That is God’s own of calculating time . By the time Jesus got to the tomb of Lazarus his sister said “lord if you have been around, my brother would not have died ” but Jesus says “he will still live. It is your own calculation that thought l am late but I’ve come at the right time now” of a truth time is a reality in our lives and I am not denying the place of time but what is the essence of quitting the queue when you have not got what you are looking for? You only leave the queue if you have alternative God. Yes you have waited six hours but you should wait extra two hours so that the six hours you have spent in waiting will not be a waste. Waiting on God is like when you are in a boat and the captain drops you on an island. An island is a piece of land surrounded by water. He says to you “wait for me, I will be back in 30 minutes but thirty minutes passed he didn’t come back. If you cannot wait again what happens? Do you just into the ocean and die? That’s how it looks like when God tell you how will be coming in thirty minutes and you have not seen him, he will still come. That was the mistake of King Saul, the bible says he waited for seven days “as he he concluded that Samuel was not going to come again, Samuel appeared. Samuel actually want to come and raise an alter against the philistines; he wanted to raise the host of heavens so that when Saul is fighting, God will support him. You have to wait. You have to remain in the queue because if you go you will drown yourself in the ocean.

In Luke 1:5-24 the bible recorded that Zachariah and Elizabeth his wife had no wife but verse 8 tells us that yet he was still serving as a priest he remained in the queue, he did not say “well since God has done nothing about my case I will quit. They were in the queue if righteousness and walked in the lord despite that the baby had not come. The man was still keeping his turn as a priest, he did not say ” my pastor you don’t understand what I’m passing through”

Your turn is coming it maybe today or tomorrow, you just remain in God’s queue.

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