By Love's Hand

By Love's Hand

FierceĀ  Female Network And The We’73 Project

Vol 5 Apr 2024


We ’73 The American Unity Project

We believe that unity is within our grasp.

It comes about when people come together not out of force or coercion, but out of love. Unity is the result of people saying that despite their differences, they will still love their neighbors.

Unity is reaching out by the hand of love.

“By Love’s Hand” is a song performed by Sanders and King’s We ’73 Band. It’s about how the pain all around us is resolved: through love.

And not the kind of love that simply feels good-natured. We’re talking about the kind of love that rolls up its sleeves and gets to work.

That’s what “By Love’s Hand” means. It’s confronting pain and conflict by loving our neighbors.

Here at We ’73, we don’t just sing about it. We put it into practice.

We host events where not only does our band play, but we also invite nonprofits and community organizations to present about what they do. This helps people know how they can get involved in the amazing work these nonprofits are doing every single day.

You can help us.

Every stream or purchase of our music helps us support community organizations.

Find our music on the platform of your choice!

Or, find our merch here! (affiliate link)

Use #ByLovesHand on your social media posts about loving others, volunteering, kindness, overcoming hatred, and community!

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