The Case For Unity

Here at We ‘73 The American Unity Project, we refuse to sit still.

We don’t need to tell you the news. Hatred. Division. Riots. Murders. Slander. Those are all common, everyday occurrences.

But we don’t have to sit there and watch it get worse.

Because the fact is, these things don’t just happen in a vacuum. While it’s true that we can’t force people to change, we can change the circumstances around them.

Society likes to divide people into categories.

It makes it “us vs. them,” a fight where no one can win.

People on all sides are presented as extremists, the worst examples of people in their political or social spectrum used to represent everyone else.

Society refuses to admit that some people who seem to be the “enemy” might actually agree with us more than we think.

Man and woman not looking at each other

We don’t believe we all need to come to a common agreement on everything.

That’s the thing with unity: it doesn’t have to mean we’re an echo chamber.

We can sharply disagree on tax policy and still love our neighbors.

We can disagree on the root cause of poverty but still work hard at a soup kitchen side by side.

Unity isn’t just some political buzzword you throw around to mean you’ll get everybody to agree with you. It’s coming together despite our differences, working in the best interests of the people around us.

Unity builds communities.

Volunteers sweeping street and smiling

It doesn’t start from the top down.

A good leader is excellent, but change starts from the grassroots.

Hearts are changed when a family gets the resources they need to feed their kids.

Lives are transformed when people undergo proper treatment and rehabilitation from drug addiction.

Model citizens are built when people invest time into helping kids grow.

Person by person, the country can be transformed.

Unity starts with you.

If it’s not just some political buzzword and it doesn’t start from the top down, that means it needs to start somewhere.

Here at We ‘73, we’re doing our part. We make music to bring people together, and we support local organizations and nonprofits through our music and merch sales, as well as giving them venues to present their work to the community.

But we don’t work in a vacuum.

Fighting for unity can look like a million different things. Volunteering and donating, certainly, or attending events or purchasing products that support nonprofits. But it extends far beyond that—down to even the littlest things, like shoveling your neighbor’s walk or smiling at a stranger.

Unity starts with you—what will you do?

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